Cake Lingerie Meringue Maternity Briefs CL3206, 15% off RRP at Sassy Lingerie Perth

Lingerie – Cake Lingerie Meringue Maternity Briefs CL3206, 15% off RRP at Sassy Lingerie Perth
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Cake Lingerie Meringue Maternity Briefs CL3206, 15% off RRP @ Sassy Lingerie Perth.

Designed for comfort and everyday use. Cut to sit comfortably under the belly. Cotton gusset to enable the skin to breathe. Featuring a magnificent jaquard and cutaway lace edge.

Maternity Bra  -  Questions and Answers

How soon should I be fitted for a Maternity Bra?

As soon as there is a noticeable increase in the size of the bust.  As a general rule this occurs around the third to fourth month of pregnancy.

How do I know if I have the correct fitting?

In the early months of your pregnancy your bra should be fitted on the tightest hook and eye fastening to allow for growth across the back and diaphragm. The cup should also allow room for extra growth of the bust. As a guide you should be able to slide your hand into the upper section of the cup to assess if there is enough room for expansion. However the lower cup should fit well for support.

How often should I have my fitting checked?

Depending on bust development, you should have another fitting at approximately seven months. However if you feel the bra is restrictive in any way, you should have your fitting checked immediately.

Can I wear an underwire bra during pregnancy?

It is recommended that during pregnancy you do not wear an underwire bra. A wire free is less restrictive through the underbust and will allow for growth. They provide as much support as an underwire bra.

Should I wear my maternity bra while sleeping?

If you feel uncomfortable you should wear a maternity bra. Wear a maternity bra stretches with your movements. It is especially handy for those night time feeds.

How many bras will I need?

During pregnancy you should have at least two maternity bras. If you’re washing one you’ll have another one to wear. During breastfeeding stages you may want to purchase a third or fourth bra, particularly because of the moisture associated with breastfeeding.

How should I wash/care for my maternity bra?

Hand wash in warm water. Do not use bleach or use fabric softener. Hang your maternity bra in the shade to dry. Avoid use of a clothes dryer, as the heat intensity will crack or break the elastic fibres in the garment.


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