Hey ladies - it may not be the best idea to wait around for that special occasion for your partner to spoil you with new lingerie.All the traditional 'lingerie' occasions -
  • birthdays,
  • anniversaries,
  • Valentine's Day
    - come around once a year, and if you blink, they're gone ! We don't celebrate National Lingerie Day (but we should !).So .... in case you miss out, here are a few reasons to go out and spoil yourself.

Underwear usually takes a real hammering - we wear it over and over again and most of us don't treat it very delicately.And of course we have our old favourites that are comfy and functional - but let's face it, feeling great on the inside shows on the outside. 

Take a peek at these few reasons for stocking up on some great new items (as if we need a reason!)...

Reward hard work 
OK – you’ve been working overtime for a few weeks and you’ve really put in the hard yards.  How about leaving work early for a change, kicking back and spending a little time in the lingerie store or on the net trawling for some special new knickers or a sexy bra.

Not feeling on top of the world? 
The wonderfully indulgent feel of luxurious fabric against one's skin is an instant pick-me-up.  You’ll feel confident, feminine and sensuous and that’s a sure way to put the spring back into your step.

Inspiration for a new you
Maybe you need a little inspiration to kick-start your new fitness regime.Getting a great new sports bra or active underwear is the perfect way to a new you.

Spice things up 
Get the heart rate up again with some sexy new intimate wear.  A lacy corset, satin teddy, exotic thong, flimsy babydoll nightie or provocative stockings and suspenders is guaranteed to take romance to a new level. 

Get the grey going
Fortunes are spent on getting rid of grey hair – so why do we still hoard our old grey underwear?Hair or underwear - it's just not done to let the roots show.  Time for a spring clean to make sure our underwear matches up to our outerwear. 

The three 'S's for shaping up
The right size, support and shape of your underwear can change your silhouette dramatically.What's underneath can create a stunning shape on the outside. 

Buying new lingerie can be the most uplifting experience.  Whether you choose to visit a lingerie store, buy through a catalogue or via an online retailer like Sassy Lingerie Online, stocking up on some pretty new lingerie is a sure way of giving your spirits a lift.

You deserve a little spoiling - so go on and DIY. 

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